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Thickness & Hollow Interior using Procedural Workflow

I demonstrate how to use a procedural workflow to create a bottle geometry from scratch. This project finishes off from the previous project and makes it more complete by hollowing out the interior of the bottle geometry and adds thickness to the edges. And also still using a procedural workflow.

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Building Terrain with Height Fields in Houdini

Houdini’s Seamless Integration with Height Fields. The Height Fields fit in very nicely with the rest of Houdini’s infamous simulation tools. I can create a random test terrain within a minute and then use it for fracturing in a destruction simulation right away.

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SideFX Siggraph 2019

SideFX’s Siggraph 2019 presentation was held in Los Angela’s on July 30, this past Tuesday at the time of writing this. SideFX announced Solaris to the public and mentioned many impressive updates that out coming out to Houdini in the upcoming release. In Houdini 18, we’re going to get a new context window that will take advantage of USD (Universal Scene Description) and a new CPU renderer named Karma replacing Mantra.

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