Vellum Simulation (cloth sim) in Houdini

Vellum_Beginner___CLIP_Falling Torus Inflation_1.gif

This is the Houdini Project file made in the tutorial video. This scene demonstrates how to create collision with the vellum object and how to inflate a vellum object in the middle of the simulation.

It is shown in the tutorial video at 12:24 & 28:48

Download Houdini File: Vellum_Beginner_Falling Torus Inflation.hiplc

Vellum_Beginner___CLIP_Torus Inflation ONLY.gif

The torus is inflated on the spot to demonstrate the blendshape and how the blendshape changes the torus in the middle of the vellum simulation.

This is shown in the tutorial video at 6:39

Download Houdini File: Vellum_Beginner_Torus Just Inflating.hiplc


The Jello scene was created in Houdini to demonstrate how a soft body jelly-like object reacts when it hits the ground. Notice a vibration and jiggly effect.

Check out the tutorial video at 2:30 & 5:53 when I use this Jello scene as an example.

Download Houdini File: Vellum_Beginner_Jello.hiplc


The torus is simulated as a rigid body and dropped to the ground to demonstrate the different between simulating a soft body object and a rigid body object.

This scene is shown in the tutorial video at 5:45

Download Houdini File: Vellum_Beginner_RBD.hiplc


The video on the right is a tutorial video on Vellum for Beginners. It demonstrates how to setup a very simple vellum simulation using the basic vellum constraints using a node by node approach. I also briefly mention how SideFX has default vellum constraints available in the TAB menu, just so the viewer will know where to find it for future projects.