Correction in video! Whitewater in FLIP sim Tutorial

Download Houdini Project File: Whitewater sim.hiplc

One of the viewers mentioned in the post, that I didn’t have values for the Volume Source parameter in the Whitewater Solver node in my tutorial video. And this was a miss on my part! I’m so sorry if this caused any confusion for anyone. This didn’t affect my scene any bit so I never noticed it missing. But for an accurate simulation, you should fill it in. I mean the data is there and we should just use it.

Thank you so much to Jonas Sorgenfrei for pointing this out for me!

correction to whitewater for FLIP manual tutorial.jpg

I will post the Houdini file for this video on this page as soon as I clean up the Redshift materials, because I can’t share those, it goes against the user agreement.

Around 6:30 into the video I start talking about filling in the parameters for the whitewater solver node. I demonstrate where to link the Emission Source parameter in the whitewater solver, but I fail to mention how to link the Volume Source parameter in the whitewater solver node. I have posted screenshots above. I hope this will clarify things a bit. So sorry for causing anyone any confusion!